Improving Your Conversion Rate With Web Design

One of the most important goals for any company website conversions. As a lot of people already know, your websites design can make all the difference when deciding if someone is going to interact with your website. Sometimes the smallest tweak can make all the difference. For example, changing the colour of a CTA (Call to Action) button to red could help to boost your conversion rates by up to 21%.

A large percentage of digital marketers will focus on how social media can be the key to your success or they will ramble on about SEO and how helpful it can be for your business. This then means that the importance of web design can be over looked. Components such as social media and SEO can be extremely beneficial for a business, but your web design is equally as important, if not more important, because it will usually be the first thing a visitor sees relating to your business.

Having Responsive Web Design

In the past, the primary way to search the Internet was via a desktop or laptop, but today 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide is generated though mobile devices. This is up by 1.7% from last year.

When you use responsive web design, it means that your website will automatically re-adjust itself when viewed on a smaller screen, e.g. a mobile or tablet, eliminating the chances of someone leaving your site because they haven’t found it easy to navigate around.

Collect Testimonials and Reviews

A good way to build a trusted relationship with your websites visitors is to create a page on your website that houses all of your customer reviews and testimonials.

63.6% of consumers revealed that they will check online reviews on Google before visiting a business.

A testimonials page needs to be easily accessible and should also link to any additional review platforms as this will allow people review your business quickly.

However, if a customer was to leave a negative review online, it could potentially convince 94% of consumers to avoid your business. In the circumstances of you getting a negative review, 53% of consumers would expect you to reply within a week. Your response to a negative comment could help increase the chances of a person using your service again as well as showing other people how you respond to your errors.


The end goal of driving traffic to your website is to have your visitors convert. In order to do this you need to have a strong Call-To-Action (CTA) that is impossible to ignore. For starters, make sure that your CTA is above the fold as this will ensure that your visitors will see it as soon as they enter the page.

The colours used on your website are usually an underrated aspect of your web design but they can play a important role in usability and interaction. For Call To Action buttons, you need to make sure that it stands out and doesn’t blend into the background. You can do this by using the colour wheel provided. Simply use the colour that is opposite to your background colour from the wheel. For example, if your background colour was green you would choose a red button.

Use Your Faces

Another way to boost your conversion rate is by using faces in your web design. This includes in your case studies, blogs and other general website pictures.

The faces you use don’t necessarily have to be of those who work for your business but can simply be stock images. You can gather a variety of free stock images on sites such as Pexels and Unsplash. Just make sure that the photos you choose to use still relate to your brand and what it represents, as this will give the visitor a good understanding of what you are supplying.

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