How to spot if someone’s stealing your website content

December 11, 2018 / By

How To Spot If Someone’s Stealing Your Website Content

This is quite rare, but it does happen. Sometimes another business will copy content from your website.

Literally steal it, word for word.

The easiest way to spot this is to pick a random sentence from any page of your site, and Google it, in inverted commas. That forces Google to find an exact match for the sentence.

Your site should come up. And if someone else’s has, then there’s a good chance they have pinched your content. Whether knowingly, or provided by a shady supplier.

Click through and have a look. Pick up the phone. Have a polite conversation about the content.

And if it’s still there within 24 hours, buy a cease and desist letter from one of the online solicitors like Law Depot. Cheap and easy to you.

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