Roundhay Evangelical Church Web Development Case Study

Roundhay Evangelical Church

Roundhay Evangelical Church were already really happy with the layout and the look of their website but the only thing missing was it being mobile friendly or easy to update. The Church wanted to remedy this as well as gain the ability to add events and blog posts. Everon Creative then had look at their website and decided to recommend the use of the world-leading content platform WordPress to create the new site for them.

Roundhay Evangelical Church allowed Everon Creative to go through with using WordPress and the new website was developed. It was created to fit with the brand image but with a refreshed look. Our team increased the site’s functionality and added extra features that allow:

  • Events to synchronise with Google and outlook calendars
  • Audio sermons to be uploaded
  • Direct link to The Bible gateway website to allow the verse of the day to be added automatically to the site

The REC staff are now happy with the overall look and functionality of their new site and are now able to update it as frequently as required.

“Jonny and Jamie were excellent to work with; they listened to our requirements, responded to them efficiently and with expertise, and made what could have been a very difficult task easy and enjoyable. Highly recommended.”

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