Affordable Logo Design

Affordable Logo Design In Leeds

Every business new and old needs a logo, something that will help them stand out from their competition. Here at Everon Creative, our design team have plenty of experience when it comes to logo design and can produce great looking logos that businesses can use on their websites, offline correspondence, products and apparel.

We have all the creative software to produce logos and branding for businesses big and small. Our logo design turnaround time is usually less than 5 days too; perfect for those tight deadlines.

What are the benefits of a good logo design?

  • A good logo should portray the nature of your work. A good logo should be specific and a total representation of your work. Colours are also very important
  • Good logos are memorable. Remember, “first impression is the last impression”. If you logo stands out customers will instantly recognise your brand; think Cadbury’s and their use of the colour purple
  • A logo allows you to brand your products and further promote your business when in the hands of others
  • A logo can give your business a sense of consistency, authenticity and reliability to your customers

Still need some inspiration? Check out the 50 Most Iconic Brand Logos of All Time here.

DID YOU KNOW? We also design letterheads, flyers, leaflets, posters, banners, brochures and can assist you will business cards and packaging.

Give our team a call on 0113 426 7555 to discuss your logo design needs today.

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