Is Ranking in Bing as important as Ranking in Google? A question we get asked a lot here at Everon Creative.

Google, Google, Google! Yes it’s crucial to keep up your SEO efforts when trying to rank as high as possible in the world’s most popular search engine. However did you know it’s now more important than ever before to be ranking well in Bing, the search engine connected to a whole host of Microsoft Windows services.

The arrival of Windows 10 and it’s a clever little voice recognition personal assistant Cortana means more people will now be using Bing as this is the default search engine users are directed to when they do a voice or text search. For the more savvy windows users there is a work-around to change the default search engine to Google but it requires a couple of downloads and installs to set it up.

Windows 10 was installed on 14m devices in the first 24 hours (source) when it was launched back in July; this “unprecedented demand” meant it is still being rolled out as free upgrades to some windows 8/9 users today. Microsoft wants the operating system to be on 1 billion devices come 2018 and with its partnership with Yahoo we can expect to see more investment in Bing as it’s sets to continue its battle with Google.

How can you capitalise on Bing’s emergence?

Getting listed in Bing is straight forward. Most websites are eventually crawled by the Bing-bot but you can expedite the process. Bing has its own Webmaster Tools like Google and you can sign up with a Microsoft/Hotmail account. From here you can submit your site and also fine comb any pages that may have issues. For the unprepared some of this can be quite daunting but once complete your website will be up all set to climb the rankings in Bing.

Everon Creative offer a Bing search service for £70 + VAT. We will set you up with a Webmaster Tools account, create you a sitemap and upload this to Bing. We will also run your site through the ‘Bing Mobile Friendliness Tool’ and email you a report of the results. Finally we will offer you a free 15 minute consultation to let you know what to look out for once your site is listed. To find out more about this service call 0113 225 1793 and choose option 2 to speak to our web team.