What’s the best E-commerce platform?

Many businesses are looking for the best and most effective method of selling their goods and services on the internet, a.k.a. ecommerce. In this blog, we’ll consider the pros and cons of some of the best known and readily available solutions.

Shopify – the biggest and best?

Right off the bat, we’ll say we believe that Shopify is the best all round ecommerce solution. It is suitable for the vast majority of needs and is a well-established brand in this field. At time of writing, Shopify claims to have more than one million users across the world and to have been used for online sales valued at 34 billion US dollars. So, they are a major player.

Shopify not only allows you to create an online store for your business, which can increase in scale as required, it also offers users the ability to create an ecommerce section within their Facebook page. That means more opportunities to sell to customers engaging with you brand or business via social media.

Shopify’s online solutions are mobile friendly, which means they work well on a range of devices and, if you have retail premises, there are also opportunities to integrate the application in this environment.    This means that personal payment methods like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and credit cards can be accepted via a Shopify card reader, at point of sale.

Here are Everon Creative we are Shopify Partners so we are able to offer expert advice and experience to help you maximise your use of this powerful ecommerce platform.

Other e-commerce options

There are some other ecommerce options which you may encounter during a search.

WooCommerce is a ‘plug in’ option for websites created with WordPress. It claims to be the most popular solution of its type on the web, in our view, it is a good entry point platform but not necessarily the most powerful or flexible.

Another ecommerce option is Magento. We think this one is the best for bespoke or more complex projects and online sales scenarios. It is used by some the world’s biggest brands like Nike, Ford, Nestle and Samsung. Magento also offers a wide range of analytics so you can generate detailed insight into customer’ preferences and how shoppers behave when they are engaging with your products online.

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