Bathrooms By Excell Web Development Case Study

Bathrooms By Excell

Bathrooms By Excell is a Leeds-based bathroom design company but unlike it’s competitors, it can also offer a full instillation service. They wanted to grow their business by attracting more traffic to their website and to develop and implement a series of SEO campaigns using Google Ad Words. So this is where Everon Creative came in. Firstly, we fixed the bugs that were on their current site and update fundamental SEO information and introduce PPC. Following this the website saw an increased reach of 332% to potential customers. Everon have worked with Bathrooms By Excell to not only expand their digital reach but also to increase engagement with potential customers. Monthly reports show that unique visitors, total number of sessions and pages viewed increased and there were decreases in the website’s bounce rate

Everon Creative Also Made a Few More Improvements

  • We invested 30% more into the Winter sale PPC campaign which saw their reach increase to 642%.
  • We created a customer data capture opportunity, by enhancing the site’s user experience.
  • We added an instant online calculator, which invited potential customers to input dimensions of their desired new bathroom and instantly receive four options to consider.That data is fed back to the Bathrooms By Excell team, along with other analytics, which allows them to follow up with prospective clients. This system reduces time wasted providing customer quotes and allows Bathrooms By Excell to build a more productive relationship with potential clients, based on their specific requirements and possible budgets.

What does the data say?

  • Between October and January:
  • Unique visitors + 60.5%
  • Total number of sessions + 66%
  • Pages viewed + 70%
  • Bounce rate – 6%

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