Google Analytics is a powerful free tool that anyone with a website can use. It shows the website owner a variety of stats and metrics all about their website and its visitors.

We have made a little list of 6 of the best metrics you can measure with Google Analytics.

  1. See who is on your website right now!

Using the real time tab on the left you can see who in fact is currently browsing your website. This information is broken down to their location, which site or search engine they came from, what content they are viewing and any events or conversions they have triggered.

  1. Which browser people use the most to access your website.

We all have a preferred browser. A lot of people use Google Chrome, some swear by Internet Explorer. Well Google Analytics can tell you which browser is the most used when people visit your website. This information can be useful when trying to fix flaws between your websites code and particular browsers *cough* Internet Explorer.

  1. Age, Gender and even lifestyle of your web visitors.

Under demographics you can see the approx age and the gender of your visitors. It will even tell you a very rough overview of their interests based on their history if signed into their Google account at the time.

  1. Are people seeing value in your website? The ‘Behaviour’ section will tell you.

Under the ‘Behaviour’ tab you can see valuable information such as new and returning visitors, the frequency of their visits and how engaging that visit was in the form of how long they were on your website.

  1. Where did your visitors come from?

Under the ‘Acquisition’ tab, traffic is broken down into 4 categories. ‘Direct’ traffic comes straight from someone typing in your URL into their web browsing or arriving via a bookmark. ‘Referral’ is a visit from a link on someone else’s website. ‘Organic’ search traffic is a visit from a search engine and lastly ‘social’ traffic is, yes you guessed it, traffic from Facebook, Twitter etc.

  1. Is your carefully crafted content getting any love? 

Under ‘behaviours’ you can see which page content on your website that is getting the most views. A useful metric when deciding which content to build on (usually called Evergreen content), which content to improve and what content to scrap altogether.

We have just scratched the surface of the things you can do with Google Analytics. Please do get in touch on 0113 225 1793 if you want to find out more about our Google Analytic service.