Four Free Tools to Help You Build Your Shopify Store

So, you have taken the plunge with your new business idea and signed up to Shopify so you can start selling online. Did you know Shopify has a handful of free resources to help build out your new store.

1 | Image Resizer

Everon Creative understand that customers won’t always understand how to work programs such as Shopify. That’s why we started by asking our customers what they struggle with the most when it comes to creating their new online store. Almost two thirds of our clients told us their main problem was making sure their product images were all uniform. Once we heard this, we told our customers about Shopify’s free tool that allows you to upload 6 images at a time and have them emailed to you, resized in one of 3 different sizes:

  • Large (480px x 480px)
  • Medium (240px x 240px)
  • Compact (160px x 160px)

To try the tool out head to Image Resizer here.

2 | Terms & Conditions Generator

Another free feature that is offered is a terms and conditions generator. Every business, especially businesses that sell online, need a strong Terms and Conditions document or page. Shopify have a free generator that creates a simple T&C document for you. Just start by entering your company information and website address and you’ll get an email with your brand-new T&Cs document.

Once generated feel free to pad it out and customize further until it’s perfect. To generate your T&C statement visit here.

3 | Privacy Policy Generator

Another free feature is a privacy policy generator. A good privacy policy protects your business and your customers. Shopify has a free Privacy Policy generator that helps your business comply with the law. Just enter your store name and email address here and your policy is emailed to you.

4 | Refund and Return Policy Generator

Finally, the other free feature is a refund and return policy generator. At some point in your store’s life you will have to issue a refund or deal with a return, it’s best to be clear from the start of what you require from your customer. Shopify can generate a clear and concise Refund and Returns Policy for you. Simply fill in your stores name and email address and your policy will be emailed to you. To grab your free policy head here.

Shopify has a lot more free tools such as a PayPal Fee Calculator, a Gross Margin Calculator and an Invoice Generator in their tools section. Head there to kit out your store and ensure your project hits the ground running.

Everon Creative are Shopify partners and can help you build your new online store. Contact us for a free no obligation quote today.